Bay Hill


The Bay Hill Bathroom Hardware Collection provides all the beauty and function you require for your bathrooms. Boasting a dramatic finish and transitional style, this versatile collection includes 18”, 24”, 30” towel bars, towel ring, toilet paper holder, and robe hook.

While bathroom hardware may be a last-minute detail for many homeowners, taking time to choose the right type with the perfect style and function to suit your unique décor and purpose will prove well worth it. To help you do just that, we’ve provided all the product details of our Bay Hill Collection along with and useful tips for placement and decorative ideas below.

Noteworthy Characteristics

With decades of experience designing and crafting our bathroom hardware lines, Dynasty Hardware products are made to add timeless aesthetics and function to your bathroom. Each piece has been carefully designed and executed by our team of product experts to provide you with the optimal in form and function. High-quality hardware provides years of use and beauty, improving the quality of life for your household.

Design & Finish

The Bay Hill Collection adds a bit of drama to your bathroom with its rich oil rubbed bronze finish and transitional style. While quite dark in nature, the finish melds nicely in both small and large bathrooms without the worry of visually closing in the space.

This versatile bathroom hardware set features rounded edges ideal for softening hard-edged countertops and other linear room elements. The rounded rosettes on each piece of hardware are amenable and work with any style room.

Décor Ideas

The transitional look and style of this collection fit well with all decor styles from traditional to rustic. We especially love the look of the Bay Hill oil rubbed bronze finish coupled with dark cabinetry, lighter natural stone countertops, and white walls for a striking touch of contrast.

To achieve that boutique hotel style so popular today, hang luxurious thick body towels and hand towels on the towel hangers. Finish the look with a crisp white fabric shower curtain hung on a similar finished shower rod.


If you’ve ever hung a towel bar or toilet paper holder and immediately regretted its placement with other fixtures or the height being wrong, you’ll know it’s best to take time to consider ideal height, function, and relation to the toilet, shower or sink.

For towel bars and rings, installing them based on intended use will make your life so much easier. Whether you have a shower or tub, the towel bar needs to be situated so access to your towel upon exist will be close at hand. Be sure to avoid placement where shower doors may open to block access to the towel rack. Place towel rings right next to the sink for easy access.

Material & Construction

Each piece of Bay Hill bath hardware is created using zinc alloy, a durable material commonly used for bathroom and kitchen hardware. Zinc-based alloys have excellent corrosion resistance making them ideal for use in interior areas exposed to water and condensation. Towels bars in the Bay Hill collection are additionally made from aluminum. Our hardware can be installed next to showers, sinks, and toilets without the worry of corrosion or damage.

Care & Cleaning

Caring for your Bay Hill bathroom hardware is quite simple. To keep each piece free from dust and beauty product buildup, we suggest wiping clean with a soft damp cloth and drying after. Do this when you clean your bathroom, weekly or biweekly is fine. Be sure to avoid the use of cleaners with harsh chemicals or abrasives as this may damage the hardware’s finish.