Dynasty Hardware 8500 Series Commercial Grade Door Closer Sprayed Aluminum

MSRP: $135.00


Dynasty Hardware 8500 Series Commercial Grade 1 Automatic Door Closer

The Dynasty Hardware 8500 series aluminum door closer is non-handed for regular arm, top-jamb or parallel arm installation. The Dynasty Hardware 8500 door closer is an excellent quality closer. This door closer is a barrier free closer designed to comply with the Americans with disabilities act (ADA) and to encompass all levels of ANSI classification, grades 1, 2 and 3 as well as UL requirements.

Uses same hole pattern as Norton 8501 and 8301 door closer making it a perfect replacement.

Non-sized door closer can be set size 1 thru 6. (Comes preset to size 3 from the factory)

This Hydraulic door closer comes standard with a back-check function and offers adjustable closing and latching speed by two separate regulating valves.

Tri-packed with wood screws, metal screws and thru bolts for fire rated doors.

This door closer is adjustable from size 1 thru 6 to fit doors from 40 pounds up to 240 pounds. 

  • Hydraulic Door Closer with Standard Adjustable Back-Check Function
  • ANSI 156.4 Grade 1: UL Listed for Fire Door Assemblies
  • Universal Application. Non-Handed for Standard, Top Jamb or Parallel Arm Installation
  • Non-Sized, 1 thru 6 FACTORY PRESET SIZE 3
  • Door Weights: 40-240 lbs
  • Standard Adjustable Back-Check Function
  • Adjustable Closing and Latching Speed by Two Separate Regulating Valves
  • Full Plastic Cover
  • Barrier Free (BF) Meets ADA regulation. Size 1 thru 6 Engineered with Reduced Spring Power to Provide Easier Opening for Handicapped or Elderly